Transmission Twenty-Eight

In this transmission, we go into details concerning our highly successful Wanted Program. Furthermore, we look at a few ways Red Sector Criminals are attempting to tamper with the program and our tip line. As you could probably guess: they haven't gotten far with such tampering.

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This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

We would like to provide an update concerning our Wanted Program for Red Sector Criminals.

Our Wanted Program is still proving to be highly successful. Our tip line is busy twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week. This is because of people like you–survivors, who are calling in tips concerning the whereabouts and activity of Red Sector Criminals.

As you could have probably guessed: we do receive a large amount of calls from Red Sectors and from numerous Red Sector Criminals not only in those very Red Sectors, but outside of them, as well. Our filtering system, and our multi-layered levels of protective protocols for inbound calls through our tip line, is highly advanced. Ninety-nine percent of Red Sector calls are figured out within seventy seconds. In fact, we have been able to bring in multiple Red Sector Criminals from the very calls that they place to our tip line, to try to fool us and push us off their trail.

A massive amount of research and trial and error goes into our communication technologies, including in these very broadcasts. Our large team of researchers at the Cannadine Research and Technology Group is constantly hard at work to keep these communication methods consistent and accurate.

The world is constantly changing, and the methods that Red Sector Criminals use change too. We are always on top of these changes, however. Red Sector Criminals fear us. Our multiple systems put in place today keep them at bay, and slow down their progress tremendously.

Their hatred towards us grows daily. This growth shows that we are doing our jobs very well. We will stop another Secular Ascension Event from taking place.

But, it is not only us that makes this possible. It is with the extremely important help from survivors that make this achievement a possibility. The donations from survivors and the information given to us by survivors puts us even further ahead in the game.

Thanks also in part to the second version of our Cordeff Resonance, Red Sector activity in non-Red Sector areas has fallen heavily. This, again, would not be possible without survivors using the Cordeff Resonance correctly and efficiently.

From our hearts: thank you all.

This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

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Transmission Twenty-Eight
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