Transmission Twenty-Seven

Even though the Cordeff Resonance has proven to be extremely helpful for survivors, it still comes with some caveats that survivors should be aware of to ensure its safe and effective usage.
In this transmission, let us review the responses from our last, and most recent Cordeff Resonance. It is also important to reiterate several safety procedures for this Cordeff Resonance to prevent injuries or fatalities. As a reminder, we are not responsible for any injuries or fatalities that may occur with improper exposure to the Cordeff Resonance. 

The playback speed of the Resonance is one of its most important aspects that must be followed to a T. Improper playback speed leads to over 99% of issues that the Resonance may cause. Please take care when using the Resonance.

We thank you, kindly. Please remember: we are here for you.
Transmission Twenty-Seven
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