Transmission Two

This is a secondary transmission from the Cannadine Research System, a division of the Blue Merrell Project. Research that is conducted in our facilities is heavily protected. Please contact us if you come across such suspected information. You may be rewarded.
In this transmission, we provide more information about recent events and happenings, as well as up-to-date steps of caution for protecting survivors who have survived the Secular Ascension Event. Accept this as a token of respect and trust. 

Please contact our tip line if any unofficially released sensitive information makes it into the open without our authorization. Your information given through our tip line may be kept confidential. Please pay attention to the different types of tones heard on the line for direction.

Also, keep an eye on the night sky. We may communicate certain pieces of information in the night sky outside of Red Sectors. Next to these transmissions, night sky communication is a largely reliable way for survivors, such as yourself, to get certain pieces of valuable, life-saving data. Thank you. 
Transmission Two
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