Transmission Thirty One

In this transmission we take a look at the politicians who are supporting Red Sectors and their illegal activities.

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This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

After our last transmission–our return to the airwaves, the spotlight has been removed from us, and is now all over Red Sectors. The government is catching on to the many criminal activities that Red Sector individuals partake in. The government is finally looking into the link between Secular Ascension Events and Red Sector criminals. It should be an easy road ahead after making that connection.

We still need your help. There are still several politicians who support Red Sectors and also who constantly sway the government's attention when they start looking into the actions of Red Sectors. They will not admit it: but the blame on these Secular Ascension Events are partially on them. The third Event could have been prevented. However our government often turns a blind eye as to the actual cause of these Events.

Please contact these politicians and politely explain the truth to them. This is not a truth that we just assume is true. This is not the truth that we have made up. This is the truth based on evidence, investigation, and extensive research. Even though these few politicians are not on our side, we still need to be respectful of them.

The politicians' names are as follows. And as a reminder: these are all politicians who either have expressed support for Red Sectors, and/or have repeatedly voted against bills that go against Red Sectors. All of these politicians have taken very large donations from multiple Red Sector organizations, as well.

Mike Volume

Dewitt Johnson

Jerry Trezor

Jeremy Lewinski

Phil Ronaldson

Rocky Maud

Pets Ritter

Ronny Thompson

It is again important to reiterate to be respectful to these politicians. I am sure that many would understand that when given money, some may do things we would normally not do. Some may also perform illegal activities for the right price. Would you steal a car for one-million dollars? If you don’t say ‘No’ right away, you are considering it. And you’re weighing the risks.

Politicians can refuse and even return money from questionable sources. The politicians I have mentioned have all knowingly accepted money directly from Red Sectors, or from separate companies or organizations that collect money from Red Sector criminals.

We will find the truth with your help.

I thank you kindly for listening.

This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

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Transmission Thirty One
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