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Transmission Thirty One

In this transmission we take a look at the politicians who are supporting Red Sectors and their illegal activities.

Transmission Thirty

Our first transmission after getting shut down by the federal government for several months. Through mountains of hard work and perseverance, we have returned and will...

Transmission Twenty-Nine

There has been a major attack on the survivors of Atlanta. This attack will not slow us now, in any way, shape or form. The souls who we have lost will only make us st...

Transmission Twenty-Eight

In this transmission, we go into details concerning our highly successful Wanted Program. Furthermore, we look at a few ways Red Sector Criminals are attempting to tam...

Transmission Twenty-Seven

Even though the Cordeff Resonance has proven to be extremely helpful for survivors, it still comes with some caveats that survivors should be aware of to ensure its sa...

Transmission Twenty-Six

The results from the newly created Cordeff Resonance is phenomenal. It has proven to be highly successful. It is still extremely imperative that it is played back at t...

Transmission Twenty-Five

We introduce a second and more reliable Cordeff Resonance in this transmission that is 40% more reliable than the previously released Resonance.

Transmission Twenty-Four

The success of the Cannadine Research and Technology group is proving to help survivors in tremendous ways. Our advances in technology are driven by the many donated c...

Transmission Twenty-Three

In this transmission, we go over the safe transmissions that you should be tuning to, as well as the un-safe transmission frequencies that red sector criminals have ta...

Transmission Twenty-Two

The last secular ascension event we all experienced recently has changed the course of humanity. It has moved and affected every walk of life. We are here as a guiding...

Transmission Twenty-One

We address an increase of reports of blue discharge coming from under the fingernails in this transmission. Improper QHF exposure can lead to this issue, which may fin...

Transmission Twenty

Red sectors are spreading fraudulent transmissions of our very own transmissions. Please do not be fooled.

Transmission Nineteen

This transmission is a remember as to how important it is for survivors to listen to these highly secure transmissions.

Transmission Eighteen

Please be aware of the increase in rogue transmissions from nullified groups in certain sectors. These, and other harmful transmissions, should be avoided at all costs.

Transmission Seventeen

We educate survivors about a few of the ways that red sector criminals are harming the connection between us and survivors in this transmission.

Transmission Sixteen

Our cadaver and eyeball donation program is a huge success and we thank you all.

Transmission Fifteen

Who should you report red sector criminals to exactly? Also, consider donating your second eye to us.

Transmission Fourteen

We are a shining beacon of hope for survivors. We are putting all of our resources into stopping another SAE from taking place.

Transmission Thirteen

Please be weary of fraudulent WEr3-certified devices that can lead to death.

Transmission Twelve

Cadavers sent to us that have been exposed to improperly used QHF frequencies CANNOT be used.

Transmission Eleven

Listen to our newly created Cordeff Resonance in this transmission.

Transmission Ten

As survivors get stronger, we need to remind everyone of false transmissions imitating the Cannadine Research System. Please report any information that will help us i...

Transmission Nine

Please consider donating your extra eye to help the Cannadine Research and Technology Group. We don't want another SAE to take place, now do we?

Transmission Eight

Our most wanted program is here. Help us clear the slate!

Transmission Seven

In this transmission will remind everyone of the dangerous groups known as 'Red Sector individuals' and why they will be stopped.

Transmission Six

Red Sector individuals are the true enemies of the entire world, as broad as that may sound. Understand more of the threat they create in this transmission.

Transmission Five

Who are Red Sector individuals? How big of a threat are they? What is their influence on our QHF transmissions?

Transmission Four

SAE's affect us all. Why and how? Where will you be after death? Science has your back. And your future.

Transmission Three

We address some complaints and discuss QHF bands in this transmission of Cannadine Research.

Transmission Two

This is a secondary transmission from the Cannadine Research System, a division of the Blue Merrell Project. Research that is conducted in our facilities is heavily pr...

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