Transmission Twenty-Nine

There has been a major attack on the survivors of Atlanta. This attack will not slow us now, in any way, shape or form. The souls who we have lost will only make us stronger.

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This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

As many of us know, there was a major attack on the city of Atlanta. This attack was caused by our enemies: Red Sector criminals and related Red Sector supporters. The Red Sectors of this country, and of the entire world, bleed nothing but anger and hatred. They seek to cause maximum pain for those of us who were thankful enough to survive the last Secular Ascension Event that they have caused.

Atlanta has been a safe-haven for survivors ever since the Secular Ascension Event. Atlanta has brought life and hope for many across the country and the world. The gathering of survivors in Atlanta has inspired millions more to be true and strong in these extremely difficult times. Not everyone who lives in the state of Georgia is lucky enough to be in the protective arms of the strong and resilient survivors in Atlanta, however they have proven their own strength in building strong survivor networks outside of Atlanta.

Yesterday, shortly before noon, Red Sector individuals coordinated an attack on the survivors in Atlanta. Two nearby Red Sectors: both sectors forty-nine B and fifty-six, combined forces to perform a gruesome and violent attack upon the souls of Atlanta.

Sadly, one hundred and twenty-two survivors perished during this attack. Thankfully, however, the powers of Atlanta’s thousands of survivors took down all attacking Red Sector individuals. Twenty-seven currently remain in custody and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The survivors who passed during this seige will always remain survivors. They will never be forgotten. The loss of these valuable people will only make us stronger. Their hearts will help us grow.

We are here for all survivors. We aim to stop the bloodshed. We will stop another Secular Ascension Event from taking place at all costs.

To the Red Sectors out there–if you are listening: prepare for defeat.

This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

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Transmission Twenty-Nine
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