Transmission Twenty-Six

The results from the newly created Cordeff Resonance is phenomenal. It has proven to be highly successful. It is still extremely imperative that it is played back at the correct speed to avoid death or other complications. However, please be cautions when using it.

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This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

To all survivors: your struggles are heard loud and clear. Your pain is felt. Your desire for answers will be fulfilled soon. We are here for you. We are here to make you comfortable in these very difficult times, after the last Secular Ascension Event.

It is true that Red Sector criminals make things harder for everyone. They simply do not care. They spread misinformation and they have not the slightest amount of respect for human life, even though they are human themselves.

The Secular Ascension event that they have caused has disrupted the entire world. But, survivors of this event are strong and fearless. Survivors have something that doesn’t exist in red sectors: heart.

The results from our newly created Cordeff Resonance is outstanding. It has proven to be extremely successful in warding off red sector entities. It has also dramatically reduced the spread of fraudulent WEr3 listening devices. Red Sector-related criminal activity has fallen and continues to fall, largely in part of our last Cordeff Resonance.

We do understand that there have been several rare cases where some survivors were affected by the Cordeff Resonance in a negative fashion. These situations can be attributed to playing back the resonance at incorrect speeds, or above ninety-one decibels.

It is absolutely imperative that the playback speed of the resonance is controlled, maintained, and monitored. We want to strongly reiterate that you must not, under any circumstances, no matter what anyone says to you, play back the Cordeff Resonance at ninety-eight percent playback speed. This can be fatal. We will again repeat this warning: do not play back the Cordeff Resonance at ninety-eight percent speed.

We also strongly recommend not setting your equipment to a speed that is near ninety-eight percent, which includes being in the range ninety-seven point eight and ninety-nine percent speed. Please avoid this range at all costs. Just listening to the Cordeff Resonance for ten seconds or more at ninety-eight percent can lead to death. Listening to the resonance for at least seven seconds can lead to severe multiple-organ failure.

Please ensure anyone using or around such playback equipment is aware of these risks. The recommended playback speed for the Cordeff Resonance is ninety percent speed.

Please also keep any pets away from the playback of the resonance to protect their ears.

We thank you kindly.

This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

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Transmission Twenty-Six
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